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Hello I am new to tiny house building and I have encountered a problem. I am in the process of building my frame and just found out that I miscalculated the size of my trailer and the amount of building space I have. As of right now my subfloor frame ends 16″ from my trailer hitch. Will that be a problem later,when moving the tiny house? from Sage 30. December 2015

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by!


When I was planning out our build, I too, was considering building out over the hitch of our trailer, as that would have afforded more space in our bathroom or external storage. Dan Louche from Tiny Home Builders advised that I not build out too far, however, and for good reason. When you decide to move the tiny house, if the house itself sits too close to the back of the tow vehicle, the two will make contact during turns, which could spell big trouble.


My suggestion would be to scale back the frame, ensuring there are at least 3 feet and/or tapering the corners of the frame so the extension is not square and is more the shape of the tongue. This may not fit your original plan, but it would be much easier to correct and reformulate your build now before you realize it’s a real issue down the road!


Best of luck!

Did you get a custom width trailer? How much did your insulation cost? I’m excited to see your house progress! 31. May 2015

We purchased a custom trailer from Tiny Home Builders. The width of the trailer is standard road width (8’6), but one of the custom features was steel side flanges that were welded to the sides to allow us to build a bit further out on each side to the edges of the wheel wells. Read more about our trailer on one of our previous blog posts here.

Our sheep’s wool insulation and freight shipping from the northwest was just at $2,000 for our whole house.

I work with a non-profit organization in Riverdale that is looking forward to do mobile classrooms and triage centers for homeless kids around Atlanta. Will you help? We have a few vehicles that we can convert for this purposes. We need designs and ideas to maximize space for best usage. 31. May 2015

We would love to help!

Although Amy is a graphic designer, we only have experience designing our own house. We have done plenty of research and may be able to bring some fresh ideas to the table for you – and we’d would love to come help build. Please reach out to us via our contact page!

You may have covered this question already so if you did, my apologies. Im wondering where you got your trailer. Is it new? Whats the length? Thanks So much! Much loving from The north.. 23. March 2015

Hi! We purchased a new 24ft custom trailer from Tiny Home Builders. They have extra options like welded flanges on the sides, and the ability to customize the axles, length, etc. The company also sells great resources for the DIY’er, including a book, video series and workshop. All of their products have been very helpful to us in our build.

Where did you find a 24′ flat trailer without the drop down on the end. We are getting ready to start buying for our build and I would love to go 24 instead of 20. 23. March 2015

We purchased our trailer from Tiny Home Builders who sells custom trailers to build your own tiny home upon. You can build out custom options and view prices on their website. The company also sells great resources for the DIY’er, including a book, video series and workshop. We’ve used each of their products with our build, and highly recommend them! Goodluck!

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